Humble Origins of the First Baptist Church and First Southern Baptist Church

The origins of the fellowship is unclear. Some chroniclers and also theologians declare that Baptists have actually existed considering that the time of Christ, and that they existed exterior of and also different from the Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation; others maintain that the fellowship is an outgrowth of various other Protestant denominations. Regardless, Baptist churches existed in Europe, specifically in England, and also the idea system was rollovered to the New Globe. The very first Baptist congregations in America were developed in the very early seventeenth century. The first church in the South was established towards completion of the century in South Carolina. From this simple start came distinguished parishes such as the First Baptist Church in Atlanta and others, and the religion’s membership in the United States is approximated today to be around 16 million people.

The Concern of Slavery

The Baptist Church remained to expand in America for the next 200 years. Throughout the Civil War age, nevertheless, there was a schism amongst the fellowship:

“In 1845, the Baptists [sic] churchgoers in the USA split over the issue of slavery. The Baptists from the Southern states supported slaveholding, when North Baptists aimed to prevent slaveholders from being promoters, the Southern Baptists formed a separate company, the Southern Baptist Convention.”.

The Southern Baptist Convention came to be a separate body as the First Baptist Church of Augusta (Georgia).

Today, the Southern Baptist fellowship exists outside of the true South: These churches can be located in the Southwest, the Midwest, as well as in Northern states, such as Pennsylvania. In fact, the Southern Baptist Convention has infected the majority of the USA, and also a name adjustment was proposed in 2005 to get rid of “Southern” from the name consequently (although it did not pass).

“First” Describes a Church’s Record in a Particular Area.

Usually, the “First” for a parish in a town is so called because it was really the first church of that dominance in that location. Consequently, practically any sort of community could in all honesty have an Initial Southern Baptist Church. One can periodically find a “2nd” church in the very same town, although making use of the word “Southern” is unusual in these instances.